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Our View: Kids don’t hate healthy lunches

With the opening of the 2014-15 school year less than a month away, attention is turning to back-to-school, even that increasingly controversial portion of the school day — lunch.

Letters to the editor, July 28, 2014

Now that the powers that be — the merchant greedheads, the real estate barons and the City Council lackeys — have driven the buskers, the young, the old hippies, the street people, the alleged druggies and all the unrich and unsightly riff raff out of town, Santa Fake is well on its way to becoming a gated community for Texans and retired Los Angeles attorneys — they’re the ones wearing the faux distressed cowboy hats — and a clean, bright and sterile theme park for tourists.

  • Our View: Pojoaque’s compacts a nonstarter

    The frustration Pojoaque Pueblo has with the state of New Mexico over gambling compact negotiations is obvious. Else, why submit a proposal for a new compact that is ridiculous?

  • Our View: Clean Plaza initiative a great idea

    Perhaps the brooms aren’t new, but they definitely are sweeping clean — the Santa Fe Plaza, that is. It’s part of a citizen-inspired initiative to make the city sparkle. The idea is to send out citizens to shine up the town.

  • Our View: Hospital strike bad for patients

    With July 31 fast approaching — one week from today — Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center management and the union representing nurses and technicians remain at a contract impasse. Earlier this week, the union served hospital officials with a strike notice. Its members had rejected what has been described as the hospital’s last, best contract offer.

  • Our View: A cleaner park just first step

    The current cleanup of Cathedral Park is long overdue. It has been a disgrace, packed with aimless young people who — in their own words — want to hang with their homies, even if that includes public drinking, pot smoking and selling drugs.

Reader View: Voting needs to join the modern world

Three times this year I have flown back to the United States. At my arrival airport, I walked up to a computer that checked my passport, took my picture and gave me a paper slip allowing me to enter the country. On my way home, I contacted my banking and finance institutions — traded securities, transferred funds, paid bills.

Squier on the hot seat again — in Congress

State Human Services Secretary Sidonie Squier often doesn’t have a very good time when it comes to legislative hearings. The worst was a July 2013 Health and Human Services Committee meeting t…

In Netherlands, a dignified mourning

The Netherlands fell silent Wednesday. Only the tolling of church bells disturbed the silence. It was a day of national mourning, the first since the death of the country’s beloved Queen Wilhelmina some 50 years ago.

A world in turmoil at home, abroad

As we all are too painfully aware, the geopolitical pot is at full boil. As if expanding violence and possible war in the Middle East were not dangerous enough, the shooting of planes over Ukr…

For Natives, a split in opinion on Obama

Three weeks ago, President Barack Obama made his first visit to an Indian reservation as the sitting president when he and first lady Michelle Obama dropped in on the Standing Rock Sioux Reser…

Border needs help for the suffering children

One of the most troubling and disturbing images that I can’t seem to rid my mind of is that of young immigrant children being placed in kennel-like cages. Since then, a more humane approach ha…

An idiot’s guide to inequality

We may now have a new “most unread best-seller of all time.” The rush to purchase Thomas Piketty’s book suggested that Americans must have wanted to understand inequality. The apparent rush to…

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Today’s New Mexican, July 27, 2014

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